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All products of are manufactured with the greatest care from high-quality
laboratory glass used in the medical profession.
Our mouth-blown hard glass goes through an additional tempering process,
where it gains its extreme firmness and hardness.
After the tempering process all items are inspected once again for faults under the Polariscope.

Can Glassdildos break?

In normal vaginal and anal use the Glassdildo cannot be broken.
It can however be broken or chipped in a fall or when used together with other hard objects.
For safety, always examine your Dildo before use.
Never heat your Dildo in a Microwave.
Your Dildo can be warmed in warm water or cooled in the refrigerator.


As opposed to Latex, silicone etc. glass releases no materials.
The surface of glass is extremely smooth and nonporous, and cannot absorb germs or other particles.
Optimal hygiene is thus ensured.
Your glass dildo can be washed in a dishwasher.

Product use:

Glassdildos can be used warm or cold, with or without lubricants.
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